F.1 Parent Gathering 2020-2021

Our F.1 Parent Gathering was successfully held on 26th September 2020. Parents were given much needed information of the school life in SFXC to help their sons settle here. We wish for a smooth home-school collaboration with our F.1 parents in the coming 6 years.

Donation of Sanitisers from Alumni of Class 1990

In support of the school’s full resumption, alumni from Class 1990 donated one thousand sanitisers to us on 26th September 2020. Their kind hearts came at the right time as we were preparing for the full scale class resumption three days afterwards.


Thank you for your kindness and support, Class 1990.

School Resumption for F.1, 5 & 6

After a long school suspension, face-to-face instruction inside physical classrooms was finally resumed for F.1, 5 and 6 of the 2020-2021 school year. The principal gave them a school-opening address to encourage them to continue to learn and enjoy school life. Students were happy to see each other again after months of physical separation from each other.

F.1 Orientation Day 2020-2021

After a long school suspension, we held our F.1 orientation day on 19th September 2020 before the resumption of face-to-face instruction. We held two sessions to reduce the number of participant at one time. During each session, the new F.1 students got to meet their classmates and form teachers in person, and tour around school campus under the guidance of Big Brothers from upper forms.

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