Reading Club Gathering

On 27th September 2018, thirteen book lovers from different classes enjoyed a relaxing yet inspiring after-school time at the Reading Room, taking part in the very first Reading Club gathering organized by the School Library. The Reading Club aims at connecting passionate readers from different classes and providing a platform for them to exchange ideas and spread the love of reading.

The theme of the first gathering was about herbal tea, an important part of our cultural heritage. Participants did not only learn about the names and functions of different teas, but also had an opportunity to taste them one by one! Of course, they were also introduced to the new purchases of our library on Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, including 《我哋涼茶係正嘢》, 《再會老行業》and《我們的舊課本2: 讀書好時光》.

We hope the Reading Club can remind our boys that there is not only knowledge in reading but also joy! If you wish to join the reading club, please feel free to contact our School Librarian, Ms. Leung.

Lunchtime Scrabble Games

On 26th Sept, 2018, Class 2A kicked off our weekly Lunchtime Scrabble Game scheduled for all Form 1 and 2 boys. We are excited to offer Scrabble as a way to build up students’ vocabulary through peer learning in a fun and free environment. We encourage all participating boys to be active when playing and help their classmates.

We are even more excited to introduce our Scrabble Competition which will begin on 5th Oct, Friday lunchtime (from 13:20 to 13:45) in the Reading Room. All students are welcome to join the competition to try their hand and mind to win great prizes at the end of each term.

If you are interested, please check the following links for details:



F.1 Parents Gathering 2018-19

The F.1 Parents Gathering for 2018-2019 school year was recently held on the 22nd September. 131 parents attended our seminar that introduced our school’s academic structure, extra-curricular activities and discipline policies. We also invited an experienced social worker from HK Youth Federation to give a talk on the emotional needs of our F.1 boys. After the seminar, parents had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with their sons’ Form Teachers. The gathering had become a meaningful and fruitful event thanks to our F.1 parents’ active participation.

Inauguration Gathering of English Ambassadors 2018-2019

On Wednesday, 19th September, the English Ambassadors met at their inaugural gathering and were given information about the fantastic activities they would be participating in this academic year, ranging from a warm gathering at a village house to the lunch-time Scrabble games. It is sure to be an exciting year for all the Ambassadors and those served by them.

Through conducting language games, taking part in our theme-based activities and delivering speeches at the morning assemblies, we hope that the English Ambassadors will promote the English speaking environment on school campus and become role models for our fellow Xaverians.

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