F.6 Parents' Gathering (2022-2023)

On 8th October, the F.6 Parents’ Gathering was held. We are pleased to have about 65 parents participating in the event on that day. For the first half of the day, a seminar took place in the school hall. The seminar introduced the JUPAS scheme, selection of programme choices and other learning experiences to parents. At the seminar, our school social worker, Ms. Lam, was also invited to share the skills with parents that how they might accompany their sons during the stressful journey of preparing for DSE. After the seminar session, parents met our form teachers to express and exchange ideas with teachers. Our school is glad that most parents found this event informative and helpful.

Awards for International Youth Tech Olympics 2022

During the summer vacation period in the previous school year, our school STEM Team participated in the International Youth Tech Olympics 2022 and they had won various awards in the competition.

On the 29th September 2022, our school principal Mr. Mario Leung presented prizes to the school STEM Team for the awards they had won in the International Youth Tech Olympics 2022.

The awards are as follows:

Drone Coding Competition Secondary Group 無人機編程中學組

Prize: Merit Award

Drone Manual Control Competition Secondary Group 無人機手動中學組



Team 1

Merit Award


Team 2

Merit Award


Team 3



Robotics Challenge Secondary Group 機械人挑戰賽中學組

Prize: 2nd runner up

WER (World Educational Robot Contest) Secondary Group 世界教育機械人大賽中學組

Name of awardees


Team 1




Team 2




Team 3



Other than the individual awards, our STEM Team also had outstanding overall performance. They won the 1st runner up for the drone event, the champion for the robotic event and the overall champion in the secondary group.

Furthermore, it is pleasing that our STEM Team is chosen to compete with 2000 teams over the world in the World Educational Robot Contest that will be held in Shanghai.

Congratulations to our STEM Team. Keep up the spirit and strive for the best in the coming competitions!


International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2023 – Hong Kong Screening

Our F.3 studentMr. WONG Chung Wa participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2023  Hong Kong Screeningorganized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education on 25th September 2022. We are very proud that he was awarded the First Class Honours in the competition. Congratulations on his well-deserved excellent results!

DSE Scholarships

On 23rd September, the DSE Scholarships Presentation Ceremony has been held. It’s our great pleasure and honour to invite Mr. Chow Ka Po, the member of Management Committee of St. Francis Xavier’s College Foundation Limited, to return to his alma mater and present awards to our students who had an outstanding performance in the HKDSE in 2022.

SFXC Foundation was established in 2006. The donation received is not only utilized in school facilities improvement and teaching capability enhancement but also used for distributing scholarships to outstanding students and providing financial support to students in need. We encourage our students to continue to strive for excellence and we also wish our Form Six students outstanding performance in their upcoming HKDSE.

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