Christmas Party 2017

On the 22nd December 2017, we had our annual Christmas Party. This year we held events to raise fund for renovating our Brothers’ living quarter. As usual, the Student Unions put together various charity events that attracted lots of participating students and teachers. It was a day for fun and thanksgiving as we remembered the birth of Christ our Lord and also the Brothers who exemplifies His love in our midst.

Inter-class School Picnic Photo-taking Competition

On the 21st December 2017, we announced the results for the winners of the Class Picnic photo-taking Competition. Each class submitted the best and most representative pictures they took for their class during the recent school picnic. The winners for each form are as follows:

Form 1 : 1D
Form 2 : 2B
Form 3 : 3E
Form 4 : 4B
Form 5 : 5C
Form 6 : 6A

Congratulations to all the winners!

Teacher and Student Squash Competition

On 1st December a Teacher and Student Squash Competition was held to promote the sport and folster teacher-student relationship. On the 21st December 2017, we presented prizes to the winners of the competition. They were:

Champion :
    Chu Hin (5C)
1st runner-up :
    Tse Ngai Ming (4D)
2nd runner-up :
    Brother John,    Lee Ho Chit (4C)


Chinese Calligraphy Competition 17-18

On the 20th December, we awarded the winners of Chinese Calligraphy Competition 17-18. They are:

Junior Grade:    
Champion :   LEUNG MING HO (3C)
1 st Runner-up:   KWAKYE RICHARD ASAMOAH (2D)
2 nd Runner-up:   LAW KING HO (2C)
Senior Grade:    
Champion :   CHAN LOK JUSTIN (6D)
1 st Runner-up:   KWOK PAK YU (6A)
2 nd Runner-up:   LO KA SING (5B)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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