Statement from the IMC of St. Francis Xavier’s College

27th May 2020

Statement from the IMC of St. Francis Xavier’s College

With regard to the Facebook post concerning the "Opposing ‘Hong Kong National Security Law’ Joint Statement by SFXC/SFXS (Tsuen Wan) Students and Alumni", here is a Statement from the IMC of St. Francis Xavier’s College:

  1. The petition on Facebook is not and does not represent the official stance of our school.

  2. Catholic Education upholds the teachings of Christ to pursue Truth, Justice and Love. We expect students to equip themselves properly and focus on learning during schooling in order to become contributive members of the society.

  3. Our school sponsoring body, the Marist Brothers, does not agree or encourage that students should participate in any kinds of political movement or civil disobedience. The Marist Brothers does not want to see our students get hurt physically or psychologically.

  4. The mission of education of the Marist Brothers is to nurture students to become kind, cheerful, rational and caring gentlemen. May all alumni and students remember the nurturing of our brothers, and continue to cherish our school.

  5. A school is a place for learning. Our school will try our best to preserve a safe and peaceful learning atmosphere for our students. We urge all parties to cooperate with us.

Zoom lesson timetable and E-learning task(27/5-5/6)

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, our school has been working on appropriate counter-measures to enable students to continue to learn at home.

The lesson timetables and e-learning tasks schedule (27/5-5/6/2020) are attached and will be uploaded onto the school website

Since Form One and Two classes will resume classes on 8/6/2020, no Zoom lesson timetables and e-learning tasks schedules will be released next Friday for them.

The instructions for the Zoom live lesson are shown as below:

Parents please remind students to regularly check the Google classroom and school email to receive links/ login information for the Zoom live lessons or e-learning tasks and urge them to attend lessons and submit all online assignments on time. Attendance record will be taken for every Zoom lesson. We hope your son will continue to work hard and make the best use of the school suspension period.


下週 (5 月27 日至6月5日) 的實時教學時間表及電子學習任務詳情可參閱附件;實時教學時間表及電子學習任務資料亦將上載本校網頁




Please click the link below for Zoom lesson timetable and e-learning schedule 請點擊以下連結來查閱上課時間表及學習任務安排:

The schedule of Zoom lesson and e-learning tasks 上課時間表及學習任務安排

Mui Kan Koon Sports Fund

Dear Alumni,

Mui Kan Koon Sports Fund

Mr. Mui Kan Koon, our highly respected teacher, went to be with our Lord on the 17th February. While it is indeed sad to learn about his death, I am sure we Xaverians, especially those who have been taught by him, will keep his teaching by heart. As a means to commemorate Mr. Mui and pass on his spirit to the future generations, we hope to establish a sustainable sports fund in Mr. Mui’s name.

At this stage, we have obtained Mrs Mui’s consent (see Mrs Mui's letter below) and have entrusted the management of the fund to SFXC Foundation. With adequate contributions, it is believed that the sports development of Xaverians can be further enhanced.

We therefore would like to appeal to every one of you for your generous donation. Should you wish to contribute, please kindly refer to the donation form (see the link below).

Donation form:

Click Here

Mrs Mui's letter:

Click Here

Thank you very much for your help.

Yours sincerely,

SFXC Foundation

SFXC Alumni Association