SFXC 60th Anniversary - In the Way of the Marists

The Marist Brothers (Marists) is a Catholic religious order and was founded in France on the 2nd Jan 1817 by Saint Marcellin Champagnat. In 1863, the Marist Brothers Institute received the approbation of the Holy See. Since then the Marists spread their mission to different parts of the world. In 1893, the Marists were invited to teach in Shanghai at St. Francis Xavier’ College. In 1949, the political situation in China underwent a drastic change. By 1953, the last Brother left Shanghai for Hong Kong. On the 9th December 1955, classes were resumed in St. Francis Xavier’s College at Sycamore Street, Taikoktsui, Kowloon.

Since the establishment of St. Francis Xavier’s College, the school has been following the golden rule of Marist Education to teach and nurture children: “To bring up children properly, we must love them and love them all equally.”

From this principle, the school incorporates and adopts the 5 distinctive Marist styles of education in teaching: Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit, Love of Work and In the way of Mary.

Through the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of St. Francis Xavier’s College, more people could know more about the Marist Brothers and their way of cultivation. We hope to expand and continue Marists’ attitudes and values into the education and development of young people so more students could be benefited.