Four Houses

The House System of our school was established on 1st October, 1989. It aims at enhancing students' sense of belonging and fostering the unity and cooperation among students, training students' leadership skill, developing the competitive and athletic spirit of the students as well as promoting the vertical coordination among F1 to F6 students.

The students are assigned into different Houses randomly according to their class numbers. Their membership will not be changed once it has been assigned. The Houses are named according to the Chinese characters (溫良剛毅) of the school motto "Gentle in Manner, Resolute in Action".Yellow, blue, red and green are the four colours symbolising the Chinese characters (溫良剛毅) respectively. The English names for the 4 Houses are Yellow, Blue, Red and Green to correspond with the colours. The Brothers and teachers are also assigned into the 4 Houses randomly.