Visit of Marist Brothers

Three esteemed guests from Marist Brothers paid us a visit on 1st and 2nd February 2024. These Marist visitors included Brother Luis Carlos (the Vicar General), Brother Goyo Linacero (the Assistant to the Econome General), and Brother Allan De Castro (the Appointed Provincial of East Asia). During their short trip to Hong Kong, they visited both Marist schools. They met and exchanged ideas with the student representatives, school administrators, and IMC managers of both schools. We were encouraged by the Brothers' visit and promised to carry on with St. Marcellin Champagnat's mission to enlighten the youth in Hong Kong in their journey of growth.

F.6 Last Day for Class 2023

On 19th January 2024, the F.6 boys of Class 2023 had their last day of lessons at school.

Continuing our decade-old tradition, the F.6 boys organized a heartfelt farewell ceremony to bid farewell to their teachers, younger Xaverian brothers, and alma mater. Standing together with their class teachers, they formed the number '24' as a symbol of their upcoming graduation year in 2024. From that day forward, they embarked on their journey of final preparation for the HKDSE. We wish the boys of Class 2023 good luck as they are carrying on with the indomitable Xaverian spirit!

Charity lunch for the needy on Christmas

On December 25, 2023, a Christmas lunch was hosted for the Taikoktsui community in collaboration with the Community of Sant'Egidio on our school's campus. Over 100 including seniors, and homeless neighbors attended the lunch.

The lunch was co-organized with a big team of volunteers from the alumni, students and parents of our school, and also helpers from the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Focolare Movement,  students from St.Paul's School (Lam Tin) College and Chong Gene Hang College. The volunteers served the attendees a delicious meal and prepared different kinds of performance and gifts for them.

The bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Stephen Chow Sau-Yan, joined us as the guest of honor at the event. He spoke about the importance of spreading love and compassion during the Christmas season. He also encouraged all volunteers to reach out to those in need and build relationships with them.

Our school has started to serve the community in collaboration with the Community of Sant'Egidio around half a year ago. This Christmas was a reminder that the true meaning of Christmas, which is about love, compassion and community. It also gave us an opportunity to bring the joy of Christmas to our neighbors in need.

Christmas overnight party(2023-2024)

From 24th to 25th December 2023, with the help of various clubs of the School, the Pastoral Committee organized a Christmas Overnight Party at the campus for junior form students. It aimed to give junior form students the opportunity to spend the night in the school and celebrate Christmas with their peers.

The overnight program started at 8:15 pm with a Christmas message shared by Br. John, followed by the Christmas Eve Mass. All the Brothers, some teachers, a few alumni and friends also attended the Mass presided by Fr. Stephen Lo, a Focolare Priest. Closed to 200 people attended the Christmas Eve Mass. 

 “Water game” right after the Christmas Eve Mass was organized for the students. A memorable night indeed playing water in the middle of the night with their schoolmates. All the students were having fun. After changing their clothing, students were arranged to have group games prepared by the Big Brothers at the School Hall. 

Different school clubs also set up room games for the junior form students. At around 4 a.m., the CSA committee members helped to set up a BBQ. All were having an enjoyable time. At dawn, after cleaning up the playground, we had the morning prayer and school song-singing ceremony. Lastly, students left the school and returned home with a light heart and happy mood.

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