Prize Presentation – Video and Photo Taking Team

On 17h February 2018, we presented prizes to members of our Video and Photo Taking Team. They represented our school to compete in the “Hong Kong Drone Competition 2018” organized by International Academy of Management. Our representatives won the Merit Award for “The Most Creative Drone Decoration”. As for the main event, the Drone Short Clip Competition, our team won the Most Creative Award and Grand Champion. Congratulations, Video and Photo Taking Team, you have brought great honor to yourselves and to the school.

PTA Teachers Appreciation Day 2018

On 18th April, representatives from the PTA showed up in our morning assembly to show gratitude to our teachers. They brought with them various little gifts and unique souvenirs handmade by our parents as a token of their appreciation. It was a meaningful event for teachers, parents and students as we learned to be thankful to the sacrifice made by others.

F.5 Parents Gathering 2017-2018

The F.5 Parents’ Gathering was held on Saturday, 14th April. 122 parents attended the function.

Following the kickoff speech by our principal, our vice-principal gave a briefing concerning the assessments under senior secondary curriculum. A teacher of our Career Guidance Committee then informed the parents about the different pathways the students could choose after their graduation. Afterwards, a sharing session was conducted by our School-based Social Worker Joni Lui. She shared some tips on what parents could do to help their son overcome study stress. Most of the parents found the event informative and helpful.

The event was concluded with a meeting between parents and form teachers. The feedback from the parents showed that the event was very successful and conducive towards bridging communications between the school and our F.5 parents.

Service – Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School Chinese Culture Day

On 27th March 2018, our school participated in Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School’s Chinese Culture Day. Speaheaded by our Student Union, 10 Xaverians took part in this community service project and sucessfully put together 4 game booths. The event lasted for 3 hours. All our participating students enjoyed a great time in creating a festive atmosphere for our neighboring school.

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