Scrabble Fridays

We are thrilled and delighted to see that school’s lunchtime Scrabble sessions are becoming more popular with the students. Many of them have been having fun while learning new words and improving their spelling. In March, we had a particularly great match. In the game, one student was able to use all of his letters and score 33 points. We hope to keep up the momentum and continue to provide a fun and educational experience for all.

Pasta Salad Cooking Class

In March, a pasta salad cooking class was organized. In this hands-on cooking class, the boys learnt how to make a colorful and tasty pasta salad with nutritious ingredients. To start, they cooked farfalle, which is a bowtie-shaped pasta. Once the pasta was cooked, they chopped vegetables such as zucchini, button mushrooms, brown earth mushrooms, tomatoes, colourful bell peppers, and shredded carrots to add flavor, texture, and nutrition to the salad. They then combined the pasta with chopped vegetables and then tossed it in a homemade Italian dressing which consisted of oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, and oregano. Lastly, Parmesan cheese was added to the salad mixture to give the final touch to the pasta salad.

In this cooking class, the boys were encouraged to be creative in their choices of add-ins to customize their salads. At the end of the lesson, they enjoyed tasting their creations and prepared takeaway portions to share with their families. They have learned how to cook, work well as a team, and eat in a healthy way.

Kickoff of Theatre Thursday

The school's new 'Theatre Thursday' program kicked off at the school's English Corner with a bang this week. This program aims to foster students' appreciation for the arts and English in a wonderful and interesting way during the school day. The inaugural event featured a screening of ‘Dog Gone’. Over 35 students attended and were fully engaged throughout the movie while enjoying the complimentary popcorn. The English Panel and students alike are thrilled with the success of Theatre Thursday's launch and look forward to a rewarding term of movies, and sitcoms, as well as other English activities.

Cooking Classes for F.1 Boys

In February, our Native English Teacher offered after-school cooking classes to the Form 1 boys. They were engaged and interested in learning how to make a simple, practical dish they could reproduce at home. In one of the 'Cooking with Kevin' Class sections, the students learned to cook 'Mac and cheese'. ‘Mac and cheese’ is an American dish that appeals to many kids, and it is a good recipe for students to learn basic cooking techniques.

In the cooking class, the teacher provided clear, step-by-step instructions and demonstrated key steps like boiling the pasta, making a cheese sauce, and combining ingredients to produce the finished dish. We believed that providing both written and visual guidance was helpful for students, who may have different learning styles, to learn efficiently.

Essential cooking skills were reinforced to students in the cooking class, such as measuring ingredients, following a recipe, using kitchen tools safely, and learning proper food safety practices. These fundamental skills will be useful for students any time they cook.

Overall, the cooking classes were practical and engaging which demonstrated useful cooking skills while producing something tasty to eat. Providing this type of positive, rewarding cooking experience should inspire students to cook more in the future.

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