Chinese Culture Fun Day

On 12th July 2023, our School organized a Chinese cultural fun day. All of our junior form boys participated in and enjoyed various Chinese cultural activities. 

During the day, three forms of students took turns to join the interactive show introducing the intangible cultural heritage of our Mainland at the school hall, participate in the different traditional Chinese games, and enjoy the snack booths in the covered playground. Besides, the students also had a chance to create their Chinese paper-cutting artwork in the hands-on classroom workshops. 

It is encouraging to see our boys engaging themselves fully in the activities and it is hoped that they have all developed a deeper understanding of the Chinese traditional culture!

F.6 Parents’ Seminar 2023

To prepare our parents in supporting their sons for the release of the HKDSE result, the F.6 Parents’ Seminar was held on 8th July 2023 with 70 parents of our F.6 boys attending.

The seminar provided parents with the latest information on multiple study pathways and prepared them on the psychological level for the possible ups and downs, and any potential surprises on the day of releasing HKDSE results.

In the seminar, the most touching moment was when the parents wrote heartfelt messages to show their love and support for their sons. This was the true highlight. Parents also had an opportunity to voice their concerns and worries in the parent-teacher meeting.

The overall atmosphere of the event was positive and the responses from parents were very encouraging.

Let’s cheer up our F.6 boys and give them all the support they need in the future.

F.6 Seminar 2023

As the day of releasing the HKDSE results is approaching, the school organized an F.6 Seminar to further prepare our F.6 students for their upcoming university entries. The seminar has been successfully held on 8th July 2023.

The seminar consisted of several key highlights, most notably, talks concerning the logistical arrangements of JUPAS choices, the delineation of estimated results calculated by the school, and the alumni sharing session/guidance workshop.

Kudos to the talks, our students have become experts in the proceedings concerning the day of release of the HKDSE results and the matters that follow. From the modes of receiving their results to the procedures of securing a JUPAS offer, a plethora of essential information has been delineated in the event.

In the latter half of the programme, the F.6 students have donned the opportunity to hear from our alumni, their big brothers, to share their experience in dealing with the challenges related to programme selection, career planning, and beyond. The knowledge dispended in the workshop is nothing short of enlightening and invaluable.

With that, we wish our boys all the success in the HKDSE and in their future endeavors.

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