SFXC Alumni Association BBQ gathering

SFXC Alumni Association has organized a BBQ gathering on Friday, 1st November 2013.
More than 100 Xaverians, who graduated in the 1960s to 2013, had a wonderful night gathering in the banana-shaped playground chatting and reminiscing their school days

For the latest information of coming activities organized by our alumni association, please visit its Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sfxcaa.

Sports Day on Oct 31

On the final day of Athletic Meets, the students were in high spirit and were ready for combat to compete in the track and field. All the participants had done a great job in working hard and trying their best in the competitions

Those who participated in the track and field were given an SFXC towel as a souvenir and memento to remind students to play sports for good health and for the advantages toward studies.

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation and Inauguration of Houses

This morning, we launched the inauguration ceremony of the four Houses. Principal Iu first presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the former House Captains and their committee members for their contribution last year

Principal Iu then presented the House Badges to the new 4 House Captains and their committee members.

The new members put on their badges and the House Flags were raised at the end of the ceremony

2nd Gathering of the English Ambassadors

The English Ambassadors had a frightfully good time creating ghastly jack-o-lanterns which will be haunting around the school campus in the run up to Halloween

Senior Form Ambassadors did a bloodcurdlingly good job of ensuring the event ran smoothly and without any masquerade. They did not have to use any tricks or treats, nor did they have to scream and howl at the Junior Form Ambassadors to make their revolting crafts, rather they simply used a little hocus pocus from their magic wands and before long each group had made a string of eerily evil cardboard jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-Lanterns are traditionally placed outside homes on Halloween to ward away vampires, skeletons and witches; judging by the scary ones around the campus now, SFXC is sure to be a safe place on Halloween night! Happy Halloween!

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