Mid-autumn Festival Gift for Marist Brothers

The Mid-autumn Festival has arrived. While everyone is home and enjoys the festivity with the family, our Marist Brothers are still serving far away from home and relatives. That was why the school decided to show them our gratitude by presenting a Mid-autumn Festival gift in the morning of the Mid-autumn Festival on 21st September 2021. Though the gift itself was nothing compared to the sacrifice made by the Brothers, it represented our heartfelt gratitude and blessings to all the Brothers.

 May we all enjoy this Festival in warm love with our families, Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

F.1 Induction Programme

On 26 August 2021, a F.1 half-day Induction Programme was held for the new batch of F.1 students before the school resumption.  The new boys were excited to get to know their class teachers and classmates through games and to explore the school campus in a Treasure Hunt to find out some interesting facts about our school.  During the meaningful sharing by the Big Brothers, the F.1 students found it useful and interesting for them to adapt to the new learning environment.

Farewell Visit by YMT District School Liaison Committee

14 principals from the Yau Tsim Mong District School Liaison Committee paid our principal, Mr. Iu, a visit on 22 July 2021 to celebrate his retirement starting from Sept 2021. Let’s pray that Mr. Iu can enjoy his retirement after laying down his heavy burden as the principal of SFXC.

DSE Result Release Day Preparation Seminar 2021

The day for the release of HKDSE result is imminent. On 17th July 2021, our school put together a seminar to prepare our F.6 students and their parents for the upcoming “big day”. The morning session of the seminar was to prepare students for various possibilities of HKDSE results. They were informed of the multiple study pathways and numerous alternative options. They were also psychologically prepared for the possible ups and downs, and any potential surprises.

In the afternoon, a total of 62 parents of our F.6 boys attended the online session. The participants were equipped with the knowledge to better support their sons on the “big day”. They were also given an opportunity to voice their concerns and worries. The overall atmosphere of the whole-day event was positive and the responses from the participants were very good.

Let’s cheer up our F.6 boys and give them all the support they need for a very emotionally challenging day on the 21st of July.

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