Introduction of New Staff 2019-2020

During the first morning assembly in the 2019-2020 school year, our principal introduced to all students the 11 new teaching and supporting staff. They included:
Mr. CHU Sing, Mr. CHOW, Ian Gabriel Liam, Mr. CHAU, Wang Fung, Mr. LI, Kwok Chun, Mr. LEE , Kam Hung, Mr. CHENG, Kwok Kwan, Mr. LI, Kin Tak, Ms. HO Chi Yan, Ms. WOO Hiu Tung, Mr. WU Kui Kong, and Mr. CHEUNG Shun Ying.

Let’s welcome them to our Xaverian family!

Commencement of Academic Year 2019-2020 & School Opening Mass

The summer has ended and it’s time to return to school!

The new academic year of 2019-2020 was kicked off with our traditional School Opening Mass on 2nd September 2019. This year, we have 130 new students joining our school, including 3 transfer students. They, along with 11 new staff members, experienced first time the SFXC religious atmosphere and the Xaverian Spirit.

During his school opening address, our principal Mr. Iu encouraged all students to turn to God and pray for Hong Kong in situations out of our control. He also announced the school’s 65th anniversary celebration campaign, which would be commenced in December 2019.

May all the members of our Xaverian community enjoy a very fruitful academic year.

F.1 Induction Day Camp 2019-2020

On 26th August 2019, we held our F.1 Induction Day Camp for the new batch of F.1 students. Early in the morning, they gathered in the classrooms with their classmates, future form teachers and Big Brothers (current senior students) to get acquaintance with each others.

Following a warm up session, they engaged in challenging team building activities in the school hall. They had lunch together in school.

In the afternoon, the new boys were excited to explore the school campus in a Treasure Hunt. During the meaningful sharing by F.2 students and Big Brothers, the F.1 students found it useful and interesting for them to adapt the new learning environment. After a day of adventuring and overcoming challenges together, the Big Brothers established a relationship of trust with their younger brothers. All the participants left the school with endearing memories of the first day they spent in school together.

A Day Shadowing a Pharmacist

As a part of our career planning program collaborated with the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, one of our students, Chung Ching Nam of F. 5D, was chosen to shadow a professional in his routine work as a pharmacist on 28th July 2019. Together with another student, Ching Nam had an eye-opening experience spending an afternoon in a pharmacy observing how it was operated. The school will continue to offer similar kind of professional exposure to our students to prepare them to enter the work force in the future.

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