Prize presentation to the School Swimming Team

In the morning assembly on 27th September, our Principal, Mr Iu, presented gold medals to the members of the Swimming Team. They had participated in the Swimming Gala of our Brother’s school, St. Francis Xavier’s School and was the champion.

Congratulations to the winners for their hard work and we look forward to even better results this year!

Brother Ernie gave a speech in the morning assembly

Brother Ernie, who is from the Philippines, warmly gave a short speech in the morning assembly on 27th September. He is now one of the pastors in our school and he will pass religious values to our students.

He looks forward to interacting and communicating with all the Xaverians.

Welcome Brother Ernie!

Alan Tam 708090 School Tour

On 25th September, SFXC was honored to have Alan Tam and two other guests to perform in the school hall. The two guests were Aga, and a female group called Robyn and Kendy.

Aga sang two songs, “哈囉” and “問好”. Robyn and Kendy played their guitars and sang “Boyfriend” and “If I were a boy”.The audience cheered eagerly and applauded excitedly especially when Alan Tam was on the stage.Alan Tam sang “開心失樂園” and “趣味人生”. Near the end, the four of them sang the song “成功需苦幹” and a medley of Alan Tam’s songs happily together.

Throughout their performance, they wanted to pass meaningful messages like perseverance leads to success and music can bring harmony and togetherness to people of all ages.

All the students enjoyed the performance very much and they were waving and clapping their hands all the time. At the end, Alan Tam went off stage and cordially took group photos with the students and teachers.

Inaugural Meeting of English Ambassadors

The inaugural meeting for this year’s English Ambassadors (EAs) was held on 24th September, 13. There were 99 students from various forms. During the meeting, the Junior EAs met their group leaders (Senior EAs) and they received information about their role of the English Ambassador and the activities they will participate in over the coming academic year.

All were excited and jubilant at the prospect of crafts and games from piñata pumpkins and Christmas stocking fillings to knowing more about “the luck of the Irish” on St Patrick’s Day. All students were eager to wear their badges and pose for a group photograph which will be on display on the ground floor from the beginning of October.

Congratulations to all English Ambassadors for this academic year! They are all very much looking forward to bringing a piece of England to SFXC!

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