Sharing of Br John in Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School

On the 28th Nov 2013, Br John Chong was invited by the Principal of Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School (Hoi Fan Road) Ms. Leung to be the main speaker in one of their evangelization activities to the students of primary one to primary six from 2:15 to 3:30pm.

The topic of the talk is on "the act of Love". Br. John shared his thoughts through the Bible passage and an action song. He encouraged the students to be considerate and be aware to the environment and work together to build a better world and that God's love may be fully realised.

3rd Gathering of the English Ambassadors

On the 19th November, the English Ambassadors met to prepare a Christmas display by drawing around their hands and writing Christmas Wishes to one and all to spread the joy of Christmas. Their artwork will be on display at the College as a giant Christmas tree very soon.

Prize Presentation to the Winners of the Astronomy Competition 2013

This morning, our principal, Mr. Iu, presented certificates to the winners of the Secondary School Astronomy Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Joint School Astronomical Society.Au Wing Hang of F3A, Chiu Tai Fuk of 4D and Xie Zhuo Xin of F4D came second in the competition.

In addition, Mr. Chiu from Form 4D and two of our SFXC alumni, Ip Kwok Yin and Lai Siu Kwan, won the championship in the Astroquest 2013 which was organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Caritas Bazaar 2013

The Caritas Bazaar was held on Sunday, November 10, 2013. This year, about 100 students and parents participated in the event.

Our principal, Mr Iu, our brothers, a number of teachers and their families came and supported our students despite the rain.

The student helpers exhausted every means to make their game booths as interesting as possible. When the people approached their booths, they explained to the people how to play the games and the techniques needed in winning patiently. All of them were very humble in the process. Most importantly, they felt happy serving others.

On the whole, the event was an unforgettable and invaluable experience to many students, parents and teachers. Also, with the guidance and blessings from our mighty God, the Caritas Bazaar 2013 was definitely a great success!

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