Visit to St. Joseph's Home for the Aged by the Chinese Orchestra

OurChinese Orchestra performed at St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged on Saturday, 29th March 2014. The elderlyhappily welcomedour visit and they enjoyed the music very much.

Students even got a chance to meet Father Gabriel Liu at the event and they had a pleasant gathering in the afternoon.

Castle Peak Power Station Visit

To strengthen students’ knowledge and arouse their interestin Science, all F.1 students were arranged to visit the Castle Peak Power Station, one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world, on different days this month.

Not only have they learnt more about the production of electricity, but they also have had the opportunity to exploredifferent parts of the station, including the coal mountain, the turbine hall and many state-of-the-art technologies.

4th Gathering of the English Ambassadors - St Patrick’s Day

The English Ambassadors received the luck of the Irish last week. The National Day of Ireland (St Patrick’s Day) took place on March 17th and is celebrated around the world every year to honour Saint Patrick. Legend has it that St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland and we celebrate his life and achievement of converting the religion of the Irish Paganson this day.

The Shamrock is a national symbol of Ireland and while its roots are cemented in the holy trinity, shamrocks are given to others to express wishes and good fortune. The English Ambassadors of SFXC wrote their wishes and dreams on shamrocks and these are on display on a rainbow on campus. Let’s see if the luck of the Irish is upon the English Ambassadors!

Prize Presentations for Various Aesthetic Competitions

There were several prize presentations this morning.

Principal Iu presented a certificate to Tang Yu Kwong (4A) who won the championship in the 2013 Bookmark and Slogan Competition organised by the YauTsimMong District Office.

For the 2013 International Year of Co-operative Art & Design Competition (Hong Kong Competition), Man Chun Wai (3A)was presented a Level 1 awardcertificateand a trophy. Lau Ying Ching (3A), Man Chung Kit (3A) and Wong Cheuk Fung (3C) were each presented a Level 3 awardcertificate.

For the 2013 International year of Co-operative Art & Design Competition (International Competition), Man Chun Wai (3A)was presented a Level 2award certificate along with a trophy and Wong Cheuk Fung (3C)was presented a Level 3 award certificate.

Congratulations to all the above winners!

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