SFXC & SFXS Student Exchange Programme2013-2014 Phase 2

The second phase of the SFXC & SFXS Student Exchange Programme 2013-2014 started from March 10 to March 14.

On March 10, six F.5 students from SFXS, namely LI HOI HI (李鎧軒), LUI KAI HIM (吕嘉軒), LUK CHUN HIM (陸峻軒), MA SHUI SHING (馬瑞成), SHER CHUN HIM (佘浚謙) and YIN YIP CHUN (邢益臻), came to our school to attend lessons and experience the one-week school life at SFXC.

We are glad that the exchange students in both schools enjoyed their stay at the other school and hope they have learnt much from the experience.

The Community Chest BOCHK Cycling Challenge

To raise donations to Chest’s member social welfare agencies providing children and youth services, a total of approximately 40 teachers and students joined the Community Chest BOCHK Cycling Challenge which took place at Eagle’s Nest Tunnel on Sunday 9th March 2014.

They all successfully completed the challenge. Well done!

F.2 Reader’s Theatre Competition 2013-2014

F.2 students narrated the play “Lace Up Against Bullying” in the Inter-school English Reader’s Theatre Competition. Each performer did a remarkable job trying their best to play with their voice and speak clearly, accurately and confidently.

All the four classes gave a wonderful performance and it is hoped that they have learned much from the experience.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Champion:      2B

1st Runner-up:    2A

The Best Narrators:  Peter Li (2A) & Bowie Leung (2B)

The Best Team Work: 2B

SFX Junior Ambassadors Inauguration Ceremony 2013-2014

The students (Top 10 students of the junior forms) with outstanding academic performance are honoured as the SFX Junior Ambassadors 2013-2014.Their parents were invited to the Inauguration Ceremony to share the joy with their sons on the 3rd of March. A Letter of Acknowledgement was sent to the respective primary schools for having laid a sound foundation for these students. The ambassadors will also pay a visit to their Alma Mater to extend their heartfelt gratitude for their dedicated devotion to their studies and development. It is hoped that students would learn how to appreciate the effort of all those who have attributed to their academic achievements and personal development.

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