The Student Union Electioneering 2013-2014 kicked off on 6th September with the formal introduction of the nominated cabinets by the current Student Union Chairperson Mr. Chiu in the morning assembly. There are altogether two nominated cabinets this year.

They are Unity, whose Proposed Chairperson is Mr. Theo Sham of Form 5B; and Feather, whose Proposed Chairperson is Mr. Gabriel Tsang of Form 5B. Starting from 6th to 10th September, these two nominated cabinets would make use of recess time and lunch period to introduce themselves and promote their cabinets. An open forum would be held afterschool on 11th September, in which both nominated cabinets have to answer questions raised by different parties. Last but not least, the Election Day held on 12th September would mark the end of the whole electioneering.

First Day of School 2013-2014

Students were excited and eager to come back to school and they were ready to enjoy another successful academic year ahead. Our principal, Mr. Iu, gave a warm welcoming speech in the morning assembly.

He sincerely welcomed the new teachers and new students and hoped they could enjoy their time at SFXC. He also reminded students to put education and learning as their top priorities and that they should work hard to strive for their goals this year.

Scholarships distributed by the SFXC Foundation

We would like to give our sincerely thanks to Mr. Ng Ngai Man Raymond, Chairman of Management Committee of St. Francis Xavier’s College Foundation Limited, for coming back to school today to present awards to our students who received outstanding performance in the HKDSE in 2013.

SFXC Foundation was established in 2006. In addition to improving school facilities and enhancing teaching capability from the donations received, the charitable organization also distributes scholarships to outstanding students and financial support to students in need. We hope our students would continue to strive for excellence and we also wish our Form Six students outstanding performance in their upcoming HKDSE.

School Opening 2013-2014

The first day of school commenced on September 2. Two Holy Masses were held as a start in the morning where all the students were faithful and respectful to the sacredness of the holy congregation.

It was a great opportunity for students to restore their minds in preparing for the challenges that await them and to remind them to strive for their goals by working hard. The Masses ended with the singing of the School Song which was led by our new principal, Mr. Iu.

We all look forward to a joyful and successful year!

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