F.6 Students’ and Parents’ Seminars 2022

The day for the release of HKDSE result is imminent. On the 16th of July, our school organized a seminar day to prepare our F.6 students and their parents for the upcoming “big day”. The morning session of the seminar was to prepare students for various possibilities of HKDSE results. They were informed of the multiple study pathways and numerous alternative options. They were also psychologically prepared for the possible ups and downs, and any potential surprises.

In the afternoon, 72 parents of our F.6 boys attended another seminar at school. The parents were equipped with the knowledge to better support their sons on the “big day”. The true highlight was a touching moment when the parents composed their heartfelt messages showing their love and support to their sons. They were also given an opportunity to voice their concerns and worries in the parent-teacher meeting.

The overall atmosphere of the whole-day event was positive and the responses from both students and parents were very encouraging. Let’s cheer up our F.6 boys and give them all the support they need for a very emotionally challenging day on the 20th of July.