Annual House General Meetings and Club Introduction Day 2021-2022

On 8 November 2021, the annual general meetings of the four houses for academic year 2021-2022 were held at the school hall.  During the meeting, the house committee members and house teacher advisors were introduced to all of their house members. Their mission, vision and expectation were presented through the speech of the captains and house advisors.  It was then followed by the chanting of their unique house slogan together and group photo session.  The committee members of the four houses pledged to their members that they would try their utmost to lead them to compete in the inter-house competitions and to encourage them to participate in all the events.

On the same day, the Club Introduction Day 2021 was also held for all the junior form students.  All the clubs from the six categories, namely the academic clubs, the interest groups, the religious groups, the services groups and the school services teams, presented their purposes, features and the upcoming events. The junior form students were given a better understanding about all the clubs so they can make informed decisions when joining.