F.5 Parent Gathering 2020-2021

The F.5 Parents’ Gathering for 2020-2021 was held online on 24 April with 65 parents attending the function. Our Principal, Mr Iu welcomed the parents with his inspiring sharing about “PUSH”. He encouraged the parents that their children would shine one day. The gathering then continued with the explanation on the requirements of the senior curriculum assessment system delivered by Mr. Leung, our vice principal.  Our Career Mistress, Ms. Chan then introduced the multiple pathways of the post-secondary education.  Lastly, our school Social Worker, Ms. Lui, pointed out the appropriate ways for parents to show their love and support to their sons during the pandemic. After the main session, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the form teachers.

 We would like to thank those F.5 parents, whose care and love is invaluable to their children.