Winner of Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2020 – Yam Kai Yui

In 2014, the HKSAR Government launched the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship (MES) to support local students studying the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) curriculum who excel in sports, arts or community service to pursue undergraduate studies in universities and locally-accredited degree-awarding institutions in Hong Kong. The scholarship aims to promote a culture of multi-faceted excellence and convey to society the message that academic results are not the sole criterion for measuring the success of young people. It rewards awardees (max. 40 students each year) with full coverage of university tuition for their desired programs.

In 2020, we have two students being awarded the prestigious Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship. One of them is Yam Kai Yui Hubert, who is awarded Multi-faceted Excellence in Sports. It is a pity that Hubert is yet to be publicly recognized by an official award ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite of that, he has been reaping the full benefit of the scholarship, paying for his double degree program in law and business at the University of Hong Kong. A big congratulations!