Service Trip to China 2018

A group of 24 students and 3 teachers went on a service trip organized by our school to Shaoguan in the Guangdong province during the summer holiday. The trip lasted for 7 days from 16th to 22nd July 2018. During the trip, our students conducted English lessons through interactive learning activities and mass games in a local primary school with participants ranging from primary 1 to primary 3. Both our student teachers and the local students enjoyed the learning experiences a lot. Our boys also organized an informative talk accompanied by well-designed games to expose the local primary students to various global issues concerning China. After a simple graduation ceremony, students from both schools shared a precious moment in the farewell party and our boys left the local school with unforgettable memories and tears in their eyes.

Apart from serving local students, our boys also visited various landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Nanhua Temple, the Shaoguan Danxia Mountain Geopark, and Mabaren Relic Site. After some hiking and climbing up the vertical staircase to reach the Zhanglao Peak, both their eyes and mouths were opened as they were awestruck by the gorgeous natural landscape.

It is hoped that the experience would help our students understand the roles they can play in social contribution. It is in line with the main theme of our trip - to understand ourselves, to serve our community and to love others.