“Be a Government Official for a Day” Program

"Be a Government Official for a Day" is a program organized by the Commission on Poverty and designed for senior secondary school students. It aims at giving selected participants the opportunity to shadow a Principal Official (PO) from a prominent government branch on his/her job for one day to gain hands-on experience of the PO's work and a better understanding of the Government's operation. The program also allows the PO to listen to the students’ views and suggestions on different policy issues.

Recently, one of our Form 5 students, Mak Chit Yuk, was selected to shadow the Secretary for Education, Mr. Kevin Yeung, for a day during this summer holiday. Together with another female student from St. Margret Co-ed English Secondary school, Mak Chit Yuk followed Secretary Yeung to meet the Ambassador of Finland, to make promotional videos for Respecting the Teachers Day and to attend meetings with representatives from various educational bodies. It was surely an eye-opening and inspiring experience for any student participant. It is hoped that such kind of experience can be extended to more students, which allows them to gain more exposure and broader perspectives.