Primary Schools Visit

We had the pleasure of hosting two enriching Religious Experience Days for students from local primary schools. On 15 March30 students from Taikoktsui Catholic Primary School, accompanied by their vice principal and religious teachers, joined us for a day filled with spiritual learning and creativity. This was followed by a visit from 40 students from Tak Sun Primary School on 19 March.

The program began with an engaging introduction to our school’s religious activities, presented by our committee members of the Catholic Student Association. This set the stage for a meaningful sharing session on Religious Icons, deepening the students’ understanding of these sacred images.

A highlight of the visit was the “Pearl of God” workshop, where participants, with the help of student volunteers, crafted their own pearls. Each pearl was adorned with vibrant colors, a chosen biblical quotation, and personal prayer intentions written on attached memo paper.

The day culminated in a reflective session in the chapel, where students, holding their “Pearl of God” creations, engaged in thoughtful reflection and prayer. The visit ended on a high note with final blessings and a group photo, leaving the students with joyful memories of their time with us.