F.3 PARENTS' GATHERING (2022-2023)

The F.3 Parents’ Gathering 2022-23 was successfully held on 22nd April. We are thankful to 115 parents for their active participation. The Parents’ Gathering began with a welcoming speech by the Principal, Mr. Leung. Mr. Leung specifically encouraged parents to offer their children more confidence and appreciation, which was the motivation for children to achieve their goals. 

After the speech, the Vice Principal, Mr. Ching held a briefing session about various DSE elective subjects that our school offered and the placement method. Besides, our Career Mistress, Miss Chan also shared information about the admission requirements of the different local universities to parents.

On the study journey leading to success, parental support also plays an important role. We invited Ms. Lam who is our school social worker to share tips on what parents could do in order to help their sons making the decision to choose elective subjects.

After that, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank those F.3 students’ parents again, whose care and love are invaluable to their children.