Cooking Classes for F.1 Boys

In February, our Native English Teacher offered after-school cooking classes to the Form 1 boys. They were engaged and interested in learning how to make a simple, practical dish they could reproduce at home. In one of the 'Cooking with Kevin' Class sections, the students learned to cook 'Mac and cheese'. ‘Mac and cheese’ is an American dish that appeals to many kids, and it is a good recipe for students to learn basic cooking techniques.

In the cooking class, the teacher provided clear, step-by-step instructions and demonstrated key steps like boiling the pasta, making a cheese sauce, and combining ingredients to produce the finished dish. We believed that providing both written and visual guidance was helpful for students, who may have different learning styles, to learn efficiently.

Essential cooking skills were reinforced to students in the cooking class, such as measuring ingredients, following a recipe, using kitchen tools safely, and learning proper food safety practices. These fundamental skills will be useful for students any time they cook.

Overall, the cooking classes were practical and engaging which demonstrated useful cooking skills while producing something tasty to eat. Providing this type of positive, rewarding cooking experience should inspire students to cook more in the future.