The Second and third ‘Cooking with Kevin’ Class

Two more sessions of ‘Cooking with Kevin’ class took place in October 2022.

On 19th October, five senior form boys participated in it and delved into learning how to make Meatballs Marinara. The aim is to equip students with skills in understanding measurements and volume as well as learning how to make great easy food. Read what our new chefs had to say.

Andrew said, “The spices in the meatballs and marinara just make them taste and smell really good. Overall, this dish is great, nothing needs to be changed.”

Calvin said, “Overall, the meatballs taste good.”

The boys even made a care package for our teacher who loves meatballs. She enjoyed the meatballs over Ziti with the marinara sauce and said “it was delicious!”

On 21st October, the third session of “Cooking with Kevin” was conducted. Another four senior boys newly joined and experimented in making Cranberry Banana Bread. There were lots of positive energy and fun! In the cooking class, students were able to learn useful cooking knowledge, for example, reasons of the broad usage of cinnamon in cooking and reasons of baking with room temperature eggs.

Two boys shared their feelings after baking and tasting the bread:

Alpha said, “The surface of the cake is quite crispy, together with the raisins and chocolate added — literally icing on the cake. My mum also said that it was tasty and she didn’t expect that I could bake that well.  I look forward to the next cooking class. I remember that risotto is the next cooking dish, right? Now I’ve got more options to fill my tummy when I am hungry.”

Kelvin Lai said, “The banana bread tastes good. It’s my pleasure to attend Kevin’s cooking class.

Thank you and see you next week, Mr. Rey.”

The boys and Mr. Rey were having a good time in the cooking class!