Bonfire Night ( 5D 26 )

Good morning everyone!

“There ain't no party better than a bonfire party”. In case you were wondering what a bonfire is, it's a huge campfire that's set up purposefully for a party and people dance and play games around the fire for fun.

Bonfire nights are fun and good for group activities, also for surprises, try to “jump” your friends with a birthday cake.

I remember my first, and only, bonfire night was with my friends when I was in Primary 6. We were camping in Wong Yi Chau and we somehow managed to (safely) create a bonfire out of the fallen branches and leaves in the forest. Remember what I said about the birthday jump? No sooner had the passion of everyone heated up when I took the cupcakes, I had hidden all day long in my bag, and turned the whole party into a surprise birthday party for my best friend. It was definitely one of the best parties of my life.

A bonfire night can certainly be one of the most amazing nights in your life, but make sure you don't get too attracted by the fire, or you'll end up like a fly; fried by the fire. Winter is coming and it would be a great time for one great bonfire party, I hope you can experience your own memorable fiery night.

By TSE Henry 5D (26)

School Life ( 6C 34 )

As the public exam is fast approaching, we need to be well-prepared and 100% ready in order to get a good result. Therefore, I'd like to talk about my own personal preparation for the journey to the HKDSE.

First of all, I will keep myself focused in every lesson. Being attentive in class can help with a smoother revision. Take a Chemistry lesson for example, once I didn't concentrate fully in class and missed some basic concepts. I later had to spend a lot of time revising due to my lack of basic yet crucial knowledge. However, if I pay attention during lessons, I can understand the concepts in class so I won't have to spend so much time picking up something fundamental afterwards, which can save time and make the revision more efficient. Therefore, concentration in class is really vital!

Another thing that I do is to devise a revision timetable. This could help me have better control of my revision progress and ensure I am able to finish everything before the exam. Some people are unable to follow the schedule completely, but at least you can know how much time you have got and thus can have a better and more effective time management.

And lastly but most importantly, I always keep myself physically and mentally healthy. And to maintain a good health, doing sports and having enough sleep are the most direct ways. For me, I play basketball and rugby regularly. I work out 5 days a week. Sweating makes me feel great as it helps to take away dirt and toxin accumulated inside the body. Moreover, doing sports gives me a better circulation of blood which pumps me up and makes me more energetic. In addition, I sleep around 6-7 hours a night in order to avoid being tired all the time so that I can attend lessons in a more pleasant condition. All these acts contribute to a desirable spiritual condition during exams.

To conclude, not making significant changes deliberately and having sufficient preparation are my main strategies for preparing this do-or-die public exam, and I wish all F6 around the country much success for the upcoming HKDSE.

By YU Tsz Hin 6C (34)

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