Marist 200

3 Dec - Walkathon
2 Jan - Basin Feast
3 Jan 2017:
Thanksgiving Mass
16-19 Apr 2017:
Baketball Tournament
24-28 Jun 2017:
Marist Student Camp

Principal Speech

Dear friends and members of our beloved Xaverian community, welcome back to a new academic year. The year 2015-2016 was a fruitful year. We successfully launched several pioneer projects to enrich our students’ schooling experience. For example, we included elements of the senior elective subjects in our F.3 curriculum. It gave our F.3 boys a glimpse of these electives prior to choosing them for their senior studies. For the other junior forms, students were required to participate in the “Xaverian Project”, in which they had to pursue one interest in sports, arts or music. We did not aim at breeding professional athletes or artists but we believed that this would broaden our students’ interests, build up their perseverance and encourage whole person developments. For senior students, we offered enrichment and remedial classes on Saturdays to better prepare our F.5 and F.6 boys for the public exam. At the same time, we also promoted “learning through services”, which brought us numerous awards and recognitions.

Other than fruitful harvests both academically and no-academically, 2015-2016 was also a year of joyful celebration. It marked the end of the year­long celebration campaign for the 60th Anniversary of our school. In November 2015, we put together the SFXC60 Open Day, which was the highlight of our anniversary celebration. It presented to the public what Xaverian Spirit was, especially when we sang the school song and shouted the three cheers in unity with a congregation of alumni. I also want to mention particularly the 60th Anniversary Banquet. You might not have attended the event, but you should definitely see the pictures. When you witness the 161 tables of Xaverians from different generations, all gathering for the same love for our school, you will be awestruck by this Xaverian passion. As we have concluded our 60th Anniversary celebration, let us not forget all those precious moments we shared with each other and with our beloved Marist Brothers.

Talking about the Marist Brothers and celebrations, the festive spirit from last year will be carried on to the next. Here, I am happy to introduce you our coming Marist 200 celebration. The year 2017 will be the 200th Anniversary of the Marist Brothers. As the Brothers labored tirelessly in low profile, for education in 80 countries, their effort and sacrifice deserve a concerted celebration around the globe. In Hong Kong, our school will play a part in organizing events such as the Marist 200 Walkathon in December, the Marist 200 Basin Feast and Thanksgiving Mass in January 2017. We as a Marist School will join others from the East Asia Province to participate in the Inter-Marist School Basketball Competition in April and in the Marist Camp in July. As we celebrate together in these festive events, I pray that we will pick up the baton from the Brothers and carry on the proud tradition of Marist education.

As the new academic year begins, many have noticed a big change in our class arrangement. With the support from different sources, the school has begun to push small-class education in F.1 and F.2. Each of these forms now consists of five classes, each made up by 24 or 28 students. Our aim is to increase the teacher-student interaction and provide better care to students with diverse needs. This is a very costly arrangement for any secondary schools and I hope that our young students will appreciate it and capitalize on it to enhance their overall performances in the school.

Finally, to all our stakeholders, thank you for all your ongoing support for the development of our school; to all our students and staff members, let us work hard together in “The Way of the Marists” to produce another year of fruitful harvest.