Principal Speech

Dear members of the Xaverian community, the academic year 2017-2018 has just begun. I hope you all had a great time last year and a refreshing summer vacation.

In the beginning of the new school year, I would like to bring your attention to two things that start with the letter R:

The first “R”, Remember - “remember our Marist Brothers”. 2016-2017 was a year of mixed emotions. On one hand, we co-celebrated the 200th anniversary of the founding of Marist Brothers with Marist schools across Asia; on the other, we had to wave a teary goodbye to our beloved school supervisor Brother Joseph, as he returned to his heavenly home in July 2017. Of course, the Marist Brothers will continue to help and guide us by sending us new brothers. But please do not take this for granted, my dear Xaverians. Cherish the Brothers’ presence among us while you can. Respect them when you see them and remember them in your daily prayers. So this is the first “R” - “Remember” our Marist Brothers.

The second “R”, Return - “return our hearts to study”. If you are still students, I cannot tell how you have spent your summer. Some took a really long “rest”, while others kept engaged in learning mode even during holidays. Either way, at this beginning of a new school year, I urge you to return your hearts and attention to school work. Make studying your first priority. This does not mean that you cannot play, social with other or engage in other school activities. What I am asking is that your study should come first. When you have limited time and energy, and when there is a conflict in the schedule. You should make the right choices by making ways for studying.

For teachers, parents and our old boys, I am pleased to tell you that our F.6 graduates had done brilliantly in the HKDSE 2017. However, we cannot, for a minute, think that the students can excel on their own without our support. “Return”, for us, means that we need to redirect our attention to our students’ studies and do our best as a part of the Xaverian family to make them succeed in what they are supposed to do as learners. So here is the second “R” of my message, “Return” our hearts to study.

To conclude my school opening message in the beginning of 2017-2018, I want to emphasize two R’s “Remember” our Marist Brothers and “Return” our hearts to study. I wish you all a wonderful year filled with memorable moments both inside and outside St. Francis Xavier’s College.

Thank you.


Mr. IU kwong Chi