The Year of the Goat

As Chinese New Year is coming, Mr. Pong shared the meaning of the Year of the Goat. The characteristics of the goats are similar to the school motto: Gentle in Manner; Resolute in Action. As goats are polite, gentle and mild, they represent obedience, harmony and calmness. However, they are also resilient and strong on the inside.

Sheep are significant animals. They played an important role in the Bible. Sheep were used to sacrifice for humans’ sins as they were deemed to bear them, just as Jesus sacrificed his life for the forgiveness of humans’ sins.

Students were reminded to be gentle to others, act resolutely when facing difficulties, follow our shepherd, Jesus, and listen to His teaching.

My Voice My Life

Principal Iu shared a meaningful and inspiring documentary called ‘My Voice My Life’. It teaches that attitude and thoughts could be significantly changed through unforgettable experiences. Through these occurrences, young people could mature and develop responsibility. Students are reminded to be resolute and committed in daily tasks, and be perseverant and courageous when overcoming life challenges. Correct your misbehaviors, possess a positive mind and attitude, and you would live productively.

Revenge and Love

Mr. Shing reminded students not to hold grudges and seek revenge. Vengeance is a selfish deed and people suffer in revenges. It is a vicious cycle that never ends and it would just lead to further revenges. We should resolve our anger with love and not allow the rage to grow with hatred.

Be positive

Knowing that the F.6 boys are heavily burdened with great pressure as they have reached the end of their secondary school life and are preparing for the school mock exam and public exam, Brother Joseph encouraged the boys to be courageous and positive towards the obstacles that they encounter. Keep trying and do not give up. It is important to remember that attitude and action are one of the key elements to success!

Marist Style II

As the celebration of the 60th anniversary has started, Mr. Leung shared a deeper insight of the Marist styles with the students in the morning assembly.

The Marist’ style of education has nurtured many Xaverians. The five distinctive styles are influential as they provide assurance, encouragement, respect, trust, honesty, harmony and peace, healthy mind and soul, happiness, and most importantly, love to one another.

The Marist styles are a gift to us. We hope our students can live out the gift of God and allow other people to see God’s love through these distinctive styles.

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