Brother John talked about the right attitude on becoming successful in life. Although our attitude may be inherited, there are also three areas of life in which our attitude is formed, 1) sense of belonging, 2) sense of worth, and 3) sense of competence. Motivation is important to cultivate positive attitudes. As attitude determines our destiny, students are reminded to learn from their mistakes, look beyond them, and value successful experiences.

Goal Setting

Principal Iu shared a study conducted by the Harvard Business School on goal setting and that it would lead to success. Some people do not set goals because they may not realize the importance of goals, they do not know how to set goals, and they fear failure or rejection. It was emphasized that students should identify the things they want in life and make plans to help them achieve those things.

Setting goals allows one to:

    1.    Take control of his/her life
    2.    Focus on the important things
    3.    Make good decisions
    4.    Finish the task efficiently
    5.    Be self-confident and enthusiastic
    6.    Make progress
    7.    Be closer to success 

Family Spirit

September 8, 2014 was Mid-autumn Festival, a day where family and friends gather in a reunion with moon-cakes, lanterns, or a night walk viewing the moon. Brother Joseph emphasized the importance of Family Spirit in the morning assembly, and how Family Spirit is also an essential aspect of SFXC and all Marist Schools. This special characteristic should continue to be fostered to make SFX forever a happier family.

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