School Resumption for F.2, F.3 & F.4

After a long school suspension, face-to-face instruction inside physical classrooms had finally been resumed for F.1, F.5 and F.6 last week on 23rd September 2020. This week, the face-to-face lessons for F.2, F.3 and F.4 were also resumed on 29th September. Now that all our students have returned to school, let’s hope that their school life can return to normal soon.

Campus-wide Sanitization

In preparation for the class resumption, the school has ordered a campus-wide sanitization to be done by a professional company on 21st September 2020. The sanitization process included the spraying of an antiviral coating on all reachable surfaces on campus. This should help make the school safe for the coming resumption of classes on 23rd September 2020.

Merits and Shortcomings

On 16th December 2019, Mr. Iu shared with us a message warning us not to slack on our studies simply because of the little achievements we’ve accomplished. Using a story of “3 Travellers”, Mr. Iu pointed out that sometimes, our little achievements or merits might mislead us to become over-confident and complacent. On the other hand, some shortcomings and minor setbacks in our life might set us back onto the right track towards success.

Let us not take this message lightly. Securing an admission into a Band 1 EMI school like SFXC is no small feat but this achievement shouldn’t make us arrogant and certainly shouldn’t make us complacent in our lifelong pursuit of knowledge. On the other hand, treat our small setbacks as alarm clocks to spur us into re-doubling our effort. “知恥近乎勇!“

Sweat the Right Small Stuff

On 9th December 2019, Ms. Silvia Chan shared with us a message to reconcile the conflicting teachings of “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” and “Small things matter!” Using the iconic story of the All Blacks (New Zealand National Rugby Union Team, 16-time winner of the International Rugby Championship) cleaning up the locker rooms they used after every match, Ms. Chan illustrated how small things made big differences such as training discipline, forming good habits and leading to some desirable effects. So Ms. Chan encouraged us to “sweat the right small stuff”.

Indeed, paying attention to the rightly targeted minor details can lead to over-proportioned return. Let’s start from doing something small meaningful things, such as keeping our classroom clean.

The Right Mind and Plan to Change the Future

On 2nd December 2019, our Brother John gave us some advice in light of the ongoing social and political turmoil. He asked us to not look to the past and bound by hurt and anger. Instead, we should live at the present to change the future. But Brother John didn’t mean that we should do whatever means necessary to force a change. Instead, he encouraged us to be calm and patient through prayer and to act only after proper calculation and planning.

Let’s pray to the Lord to calm our emotions no matter what kind of injustice we think we are facing. We also pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to find the correct goals and the right means to achieve them.

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