Merits and Shortcomings

On 16th December 2019, Mr. Iu shared with us a message warning us not to slack on our studies simply because of the little achievements we’ve accomplished. Using a story of “3 Travellers”, Mr. Iu pointed out that sometimes, our little achievements or merits might mislead us to become over-confident and complacent. On the other hand, some shortcomings and minor setbacks in our life might set us back onto the right track towards success.

Let us not take this message lightly. Securing an admission into a Band 1 EMI school like SFXC is no small feat but this achievement shouldn’t make us arrogant and certainly shouldn’t make us complacent in our lifelong pursuit of knowledge. On the other hand, treat our small setbacks as alarm clocks to spur us into re-doubling our effort. “知恥近乎勇!“