Is it a Big Loss?

In his weekly message on 21st October 2019, our Vice Principal Mr. Leung tried to guide us to answer a serious question: “Isn’t it a big loss, if you don’t get a happy future after spend a lot of time or resources?” Using the award winning children picture book, "Sam and Dave, dig a hole", Mr. Leung pointed out that since as limited human beings, we could never know the full picture of our future or see any missed opportunities that had never been presented to us, like the Sam and Dave had never seen the diamonds and would never know that they had missed them. So it is really irrelevant to struggle at the question to evaluate our losses. Instead, Mr. Leung encouraged us to focus on the process, on the journey that we were taking to achieving something. Sometimes, when we do so, minor details that most people miss could be “pretty spectacular” to us, and other times, the journey itself may be the great reward.

So let us not only focus on the results when we are not getting any just yet. Some struggles are meant to be long and fruitless in any foreseeable future, but they are never meaningless in your life’s journey.