Mui Kan Koon Sports Fund

Dear Alumni,

Mui Kan Koon Sports Fund

Mr. Mui Kan Koon, our highly respected teacher, went to be with our Lord on the 17th February. While it is indeed sad to learn about his death, I am sure we Xaverians, especially those who have been taught by him, will keep his teaching by heart. As a means to commemorate Mr. Mui and pass on his spirit to the future generations, we hope to establish a sustainable sports fund in Mr. Mui’s name.

At this stage, we have obtained Mrs Mui’s consent (see Mrs Mui's letter below) and have entrusted the management of the fund to SFXC Foundation. With adequate contributions, it is believed that the sports development of Xaverians can be further enhanced.

We therefore would like to appeal to every one of you for your generous donation. Should you wish to contribute, please kindly refer to the donation form (see the link below).

Donation form:

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Mrs Mui's letter:

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Thank you very much for your help.

Yours sincerely,

SFXC Foundation

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